Ways To Improve The Quality Of Life

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The Pentagon Trusted Alpine To Purify Their Indoor Air After The Terrorist Attacks

Improve The Quality Of Life For Your Entire Family

We humans are always searching and developing new technologies for ways to improve the quality of life.

If you or a family member are,

  • feeling tired all the time
  • can’t focus
  • can’t sleep
  • having migraines
  • asthma
  • constantly fighting allergies
  • living with dusty and smelly indoor air

          …then perhaps you should think about the trapped contaminated indoor air that you breathe.

Is it really as clean and purified closed up from the outside as you think?

Fresh clean oxygen is what our bodies desire. When we breathe bad air we create lots of respiratory problems and starve our body of the full oxygen it needs to ward off all kinds of ailments. What’s Alpine’s secret technology? Continue reading “Ways To Improve The Quality Of Life”

Pollen Count | Get Your Free App

Pollen Count

What Is Pollen?



Pollen is a fine powdery substance, typically yellow to yellowish in nature, consisting of small microscopic grains discharged from the male part of a flower or from a male cone. Each of these tiny grains contain a male gamete that travel through the air, landing then fertilizing the female ovule.

How is pollen transported?

Pollen is transported by the wind, insects, or other animals. …including our hair, clothes and shoes as we walk into our homes. To give yourself some relief while indoors It would be a good idea to hire a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service. Also clean and mop all hard surfaces and dust your other furnishings each week.

Local Pollen CountGet your FREE Allergy Alert app here…

Pollen Count

Should I open my windows today? Well, if you have allergy issues or upper respiratory problems then a high pollen count day will not be a good day for you. As a matter of fact below you will find free resources and apps that Will Notify Your Pollen Forcast on High alert readings for the day or weekfrom your own home town or city.

Allergy pollen counts allow you to see how you could be affected by pollen right in your own hometown or anywhere throughout the nation.

This FREE national and local pollen count service offered by Pollen.com enables you to not only see what the pollen count is throughout the nation, but also provides you with a full five-day forecast for your local area. At a glance you’ll be able to see “Today’s Worst Cities” for pollen type allergies, as well as “Today’s Best Cities”. It also gives you the opportunity to sign up for their 2-day allergy alert email service.

Allergy forecast information could be easily obtained from the Pollen.com allergy service by simply clicking on the map, selecting a state or entering a ZIP code. 6A 5-day allergy forecast will be provided that details the predominant pollen in the area and what to expect for much of the week ahead.

 Allergy Pollen Count apps like te ones above give you pollen and mold counts based on actual air sampling. These samplings are done by Pollen Certified Counters of the National Allergy Bureau (Part of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology).



Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

If you’ve been told you have a pollen allergy, then you’ve had an allergic reaction to the fine yellow powder that comes from the budding male plants during not only the Spring season but perhaps any time during the year. That’s right, read about it below.

Did you know the actual allergy to pollen is called hay fever? Hay fever is caused when pollen is dispersed through the air and gets into our eyes, respiratory systems and membranes.

Because pollen is fine, it can be carried for great distances through the air stream. It also is easily inhaled as it comes in contact with your nose, mouth and nasal passages.

If you believe that you may have a pollen allergy throughout the year, you may be right! You may also be affected by pollen in different allergy seasons from various different type of plants. Spring blooming plants include oak, hickory, birch, pecan, and even certain type grasses can produce pollen. If it is late summer or fall, then most likely you are affected by ragweed as well so be super aware and stay off the trails.

The allergy experts have tests they can run to determine which type plants in your area are high alert ones for you.


Pollen Allergies

Pollen allergies can trigger allergic reactions, which affect the sinus and respiratory tract of those with this allergy problem. Symptoms can include watery eyes, itchy runny nose, rhinitis, sore throat, coughing, increased mucous, headaches and even life threatening attacks from asthma.

One of the best ways to combat pollen allergies is to understand which pollen you are allergic to. An allergist specialist can easily test you for various types of trees, weeds, and grasses, and provide you with a list of pollen that affect you adversely.

Below are a few types of plants that the allergy experts know to cause pollen allergies:

  • Trees: Birch, Alder, Cedar, Hazelnut, Willow, Plane, Olive and Hornbeam
  • Grasses: Rye grass & Timothy
  • Weeds: Ragweed, Nettle, Mugwort, Goosefoot and Sorrel

Search Google for more specific plants in your area. Depending on where you live, your individual sensitivity may differ dramatically. If a person lives in a geographic area that has hot, dry, windy days, then there is more of a chance that pollen is in your local air’s enviroment.

Whereas if you live in areas where the air is cooler with lots of rainy days, then the pollen is washed to the ground and is far less likely to affect you. By understanding the pollen count levels and receiving lighning fast alerts in your area you’ll be prepped to combat pollen allergies before they come on you.

Hay Fever Cure?

They say there is no hay fever cure but below is an awesome site to help you find allergy relief!

12 Natural Allergy Remedies That Provide Relief | Reader’s Digest


Pharmaceuticals pack more punch, but if you want to use natural remedies for allergies, butter bur has the best track record among herbs used for pollen allergies (it’s also a known headache remedy), David Rakel, MD, founder and director of the University of Wisconsin Integrative Medicine Program, told WebMD.

My Allergies Are Killing Me. How Do I Get Rid of Them? | Pollen.com

* https://www.pollen.com/allergy/allergy-treatment-options *

Allergy Treatment Options. While there is still no cure for allergies (or hay fever), there are ways to diminish allergy symptoms. There are four types of treatments I suggest that can be used in combination:

  1. AVOIDANCE all together of the allergen
  2. MEDICATION (anti-histamines)
  3. IMMUNOTHERAPY (allergy shots)
  4. Operating an Alpine Air purifier in your home


Pollen Allergy Relief? Alpine's Living Air Series

The best way to avoid getting hit with pollen hay fever is getting the app to be notified locally of heavy outbreaks and stay indoors for the day.

But for indoor relief I highly suggest an Alpine Air Purifier! Why an Alpine? These air cleaners and purifiers work just like nature, reaching out to cleanse your air instead of relying on the air to come to it. Ozone and ionization is exactly how nature cleans and purifies our air each and every thunderstorm.

Not only will an Alpine air cleaner give you relief from upper respiratory problems but also annihilates any indoor odor in as little as fifteen minutes from turning it on. I love the fresh smell in the air of my home. As soon as I enter my home I am greeted with wonderful mountain fresh air every day.

Click link below for how to enter Alpine’s monthly drawing for a chance to Win an Alpine LA 3500 air purifier. This purifier can cleanse up to 3500 square foot homes.

Click here for more resources and info on how to register to Win a Free Air Purifier from Alpine

Make your home safe to breathe during high pollen count days! Alpine Air purifiers are simply the best machines to relieve pollen allergy symtoms and lots more… I’ll never part with mine.





I Love The Mountain Air

I Love The Mountain Air So I Brought It Home

How nice it must have been to breathe clean air back before machines. The mountains, valleys, foothills, and prairies, all were fresh as a recent thunderstorm.

A hundred and fifty years ago the whole world become industrialized and since then our machines and technologies have poisoned the air that we breathe.

The very air that mankind NEEDS for long and healthy life. I personally do not care much for the trade-off. How about you?

So What Can We Do About Purifying Our Indoor Air?

We can shop and pick from hundreds of companies that promote Purifying Our Indoor Air but honestly, most only care about re-sells on filters.

Most also lack the combination of ozone and ionization for true indoor air purifying. If you truly want to invest in an air cleaner that can really change your indoor air to a clean mountain fresh one, then take a look at ours, then read what all of our customers shared about it.

Our Alpine Air Purifiers are the industry secret to affordable, highly durable, and LONG lasting air cleaners. Once you read these testimonials from real people across America you will want one in your home to begin enjoying your very own mountain fresh air.

Finally, you can have clean, healthy, thunderstorm-fresh mountain air in your home!

best air purifier

Are These The Best Air Cleaners In The World?

Are They Really The Best Air Cleaners In The World?

If indoor air purification is how you found this site then welcome to this little known device.

You are about to learn how the Alpine Air Purifier is blowing the competition away in every aspect of quality, power, affordability, space saving, longevity and Warranty. That’s right! Alpine backs up their  products with the best warranties in the industry. These hi-tech air purifiers have proven to me through the years to be perhaps one of the best air cleaners in the world.  They are actually made in America too!

When it comes to easy maintenance this air cleaner wins hands down! No HEPA filters to ever buy!

For more info on the Many reasons you will want to choose an Alpine like me and my property investing customers have for years see the pinned post here. This awesome air cleaning machine has never let us down in the worse odor removal tasks we encountered.

Of course I invite you to purchase one and begin stepping into a New mountain fresh, rain forest type air you and your family will enjoy for years to come. But do your research because I want you to hear the Rave reviews of Alpine for yourself.

Before you go…

Why not sign up for a chance to win one of these awesome air purifying machines?

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best air cleaner in the world
“Enter for a chance to win an Alpine ‘Living Air’ LA 3500 purifier”



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How To Remove Pet Odor Fast!

Finally Learn How To Remove Pet Odor Fast!

Learning how to remove pet odor from our living areas isn’t that hard, if you know the right technology to use against it. Removing pet urine odor is perhaps one of the lingering odors in our homes we pet owners must deal with all the time. We clean, wipe, mop and disinfect and still we can smell it. It especially becomes noticeable when the spring temperatures start to rise and our homes indoor air begins to get stagnant. Whew! What is a pet owner supposed to do?

Well, years ago I tried an Continue reading “How To Remove Pet Odor Fast!”

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My Winter Cold Meets Alpine Air Purification!

Did Air Purification Speed Up My Cold Recovery?

It’s been over five years since I’ve been sick. No colds, allergies or migraines, till my neighbor visits with a terrible cold. Yes, I caught it! The cold that know one would wish on their worse enemy. After days of Continue reading “My Winter Cold Meets Alpine Air Purification!”

Air Purifier, Whole House Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier For Cold Or Allergy

The Best Air Purifier For A Cold Or Allergy

…Is one that works Fast! Most air purification machines must have the air pass through them to even have a chance at cleaning and purifying the air in that room. That could take hours, days or even worse, never capture all the air and thereby becoming an inefficient air purifier.

Systems that require passing the air through them to clean the air like HEPA Filters, Activated Carbon Filters, Electrostatic Precipitators and Charged Media Filters all fall short Continue reading “Best Air Purifier For Cold Or Allergy”

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Cold Or Allergies Suck!

Cold Or Allergies! Where Do They They Come From?

Is It A Cold Or Allergies? Whether you know what symptoms you have or not I have found some interesting things you should know! One of course being determining which cold or allergy ails you and how to alleviate each.

Since the arrival of spring means warmer weather, growing plants and vegetation, floating pollen in the air and most unfortunately, seasonal allergies for millions of Americans alone. We also have fluctuating temperatures during the transition from winter to spring and for manythat translates into catching of colds and allergies. And with the funnest time of the year just around the corner who needs that?

Over 50 million Americans suffer from environmental allergies and over one billion suffer colds annually. So, how do you tell the difference between them? Let’s Debunk The Cold Versus Allergy Myth…

Continue reading “Cold Or Allergies Suck!”

Best Air Purifier For Cold Or Allergies

Best Air Purifier For Cold Or Allergies Hands Down!

Hi! As a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner a lot of my work was finding and killing odors with a top rated air purifier in many rental properties and homes. It has also proven to be one of the best air purifier for cold or allergies symptoms around.

The Best Air Purifier For, Cold Or Allergies, Air Purification Systems
I Have The Best Air Purifier For That!


I remember one specific customer who hired me to clean their carpets as both her husband and daughter were having a time with allergy symptoms each week. Continue reading “Best Air Purifier For Cold Or Allergies”

Allergy Symptoms, Whole House Air Purifiers

Allergy Symptoms And Air Purifiers Allergies Hate!

Important tips to avoid indoor allergy symptoms and relieve asthma attacks

Help keep asthma triggers and allergy symptoms away from your home or office by fixing leaks and drips as soon as they start. Standing water and high humidity encourage the growth of mold and mildew — some of the most common triggers that can worsen asthma and allergies. Use a dehumidifier or air conditioner when needed, and clean both regularly. Continue reading “Allergy Symptoms And Air Purifiers Allergies Hate!”