Best Air Purifier For Cold Or Allergies

Best Air Purifier For Cold Or Allergies Hands Down!

Hi! As a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner a lot of my work was finding and killing odors with a top rated air purifier in many rental properties and homes. It has also proven to be one of the best air purifier for cold or allergies symptoms around.

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I Have The Best Air Purifier For That!


I remember one specific customer who hired me to clean their carpets as both her husband and daughter were having a time with allergy symptoms each week. Her daughter was also catching colds more than normal. She assumed the carpet was holding dust and wanted to rid her carpet of contaminants. So I cleaned her lightly soiled carpet and extracted almost all impurities.

Now she had a totally clean home… this is, all but the air and the air flowing through her forced air duct work and filter area.

I honestly did not believe her carpets were as dusty as she feared…
But that it’s always a good thing to clean everything thoroughly especially when someone gets ill or colds and allergies are abundant in the home.

It’s so hard to know what causes colds and allergy symptoms but My best guess is that it starts from breathing bad air into our lungs or nostrils. Closed up air breeds bad air and floating particular matter that circulates through the air ducts, bounces off walls and back into the air we breathe. Cleaning and purifying our air is as important as cleaning floors, walls and changing air filters that let it all pass through them.

Air Purification Systems Help Make A Healthy House!

I offered to bring my personal air purification system to her to run a few days and see what happens. She said she was thinking about purchasing one but didn’t understand them or know where to begin choosing one.

I explained in summary how the negative ions make floating dust particles heavier than air and fall out of the air while a gentle ozone generator kills and purifies

  • cold or allergies bacteria and germs
  • bacteria
  • pet odor
  • cooking odor
  • cigarette smoke and odor
  • most gases and
  • chemical odors too

Even though there are many brands of air purifiers out there this one hands down is the Best Air Purifier For Cold Or Allergies and lots more!

  1. One unit will cover entire home
  2. No Filters to replace
  3. Easy Cleaning
  4. Longer warranties
  5. Quiet as a whisper
  6. Fits on a bookshelf
  7. Enjoy light, clean, mountain fresh air for years to come!

Introducing the Alpine ‘Living Air’ purifier from Enviroquest International. Learn more about it here and then sign up for a chance to win an Alpine LA 3500 air purification system! This system covers up to a 3500 square feet home.

“I have heard countless testimonials from my customers on how they’d never part with their Alpine purifier after noticing huge results with less dust, no odors, less allergies, better night’s sleep, visitors commenting on how nice it smelled in their home etc.”

You are going to love yours too! Enter here for a chance to win one each month.

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