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My Winter Cold Meets Alpine Air Purification!

Did Air Purification Speed Up My Cold Recovery?

It’s been over five years since I’ve been sick. No colds, allergies or migraines, till my neighbor visits with a terrible cold. Yes, I caught it! The cold that know one would wish on their worse enemy. After days of chicken doodle soup, Nyqil, nasal sprays, juices and rest I finally feel much better.

No, my neighbor Jonathan is still feeling run down, weak and with upper respiratory issues. I wish him a faster recovery as I write this post. So, does whole house air purification help with having a cold? I believe it does as we stop rebreathing the floating particulate matter that harbours the germ. My purifier also kills bacteria as it sweeps it’s air changing abilities through out my home’s indoor air.

I’m a believer! And you will be too after checking out this site and going over all the resources here.

Help your family members recover Faster with air purification.

–Air Guy


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