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Don’t miss out on winning your very own Alpine ‘Living Air’ LA 3500 air purifier. Alpine is so proud of their revolutionary air purification system and technology they have been giving ONe¬†Free Indoor Air Purification System¬†away each month. Let the next one BE YOUR’S. Alpine’s revolutionary technology leaves the other air purification systems in the dust!

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The Living Air purifier brings easy to breathe, clean, mountain fresh air right into your home, office, motel room, or auto! (different models available)

It also kills and purifies bacteria, mold, most dangerous gases and more. All while destroying all odor in as little as 15 minutes.

  • Less dust
  • Cooking odor gone
  • Pet odor gone
  • Mildew gone
  • Cigarette smoke and odor all gone
  • Just about all the worse odors you could imagine …gone!

And in as little as 15 minutes from start up!

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