Black Mold, What Is Black Mold

What Is Black Mold-How To Find It And Kill It!

You Have Black Mold? First, What Is Black Mold?

Of all the topics related to mold in our industry, nothing
provokes fire and garners more media attention than so-called
Black Mold/Toxic Mold. But what is the REAL truth about black

Is toxic mold the same as black mold? Are all black molds

Does the color of the mold really make a difference?
Is black mold any more dangerous or safer than other color
shades of mold such as white mold, green mold, red mold, just
to name a few? By the end of this short article, you will
know all the answers to these important questions.

Few topics get us more upset than seeing all the
misinformation publicized about Black Mold (and mold in
general) by unscrupulous companies and the zealous media who
are more interested in sensationalism than fact reporting.

To put it bluntly, our industry is sadly full of bad bad bad
information about mold, and especially about Black Mold. We
see misinformed media reports all the time about Black Mold.
We also hear story after story of someone getting taken
advantage of by an immoral contractor or unscrupulous company
who uses misinformation and scare tactics to take advantage
of vulnerable customers who are given bad information about
mold and Black Mold.


Mycotoxins & Toxicity

Common Black Mold Problems, Black Mold
Common Black Mold Problems

Media reports of Black Mold often refer to molds that can
produce toxins (specifically mycotoxins), such as groups of
molds known as Stachybotrys.

Mycotoxins will not always be produced when these types of
mold are present. To put it another way, the presence of mold
does not necessarily mean mycotoxins are present. The
conditions needed for mycotoxins to be produced are not fully
understood. Further, mycotoxins can be produced by other
types of molds besides Stachybotrys and these molds are not
always black.

In other words, the color of the mold to the naked eye cannot
tell you anything about whether its toxic or not. With over
100,000 species, mold comes in about any size, shape, and
color you can think of, making it virtually impossible to
tell what type of mold you have without a microscope and lab
testing performed from a Mold Inspection and Testing.

Toxic mold can come in many colors (not just black) and black
mold is not always toxic. Further, as noted above, certain
conditions must be met for the toxins to be produced.

What Is Black Mold-Black Mold Conclusion

So as we can see from the above, the term Black Mold and its
typical association is usually completely misunderstood. I hope that the question; What is black mold was explained a little more thoroughly here than the scary media portrays it. If
you have visible mold or a suspected mold problem, our advice
is always the same regardless of the color of the mold: Get
rid of the mold. Whether you decide to personally get rid of
the mold or hire a professional like Mold-Man to do so, be
very careful and make sure currently accepted Mold Removal
and Mold Remediation Principles and protocol are followed.

If you already see or smell mold, however, spending money on
testing and inspections is usually unnecessary since all mold
in the home, regardless of the color or species type, should
be remediated and removed emediately. And all mold, regardless of the
color or species, should be remediated and removed -> Following
the same accepted Mold Removal Guidelines.

Once you have cleaned and disinfected all mold areas make
sure you have an air purification system in place. Why?
Because any mold in your home will have released mold spores
(Toxic or Not) into the very air that you breath.

what is black mold, black mold, kill black mold
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